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College Assistance Migrant Program

WSU CAMP Application for the 2023-2024 school year is NOW open!

The CAMP Application deadline is February 12, 2023 


Click here to apply to CAMP


CAMP 2023-2024 Application is NOW Open!

Apply to WSU CAMP:
1. Fill out WSU CAMP online application.  
2. Mail or E-mail a printable WSU CAMP Application to the CAMP office. 


Print CAMP Application here

What to expect in the CAMP application:

  1. It should take you about 15 minutes to complete your application from start to finish (not including essay questions)
  2. Questions regarding your personal information
  3. Eligibility questions
  4. Questions regarding your academic history
  5. Questions regarding your interest in the program
  6. Essay questions
Essay Question #1 
Tell us about yourself. (At least 150 words)
This could be activities you've been involved with, a unique experience you had, your academic interests, values or goals, fun facts or even your family or cultural background.
Essay Question #2
Tell us about a pivotal moment in your (or your family's) life working as a migrant/seasonal farm worker. (At least 150 words)
This may include activities, a situation, a realization you had regarding your current/previous work in migrant/seasonal farm work, future aspirations, etc.
Essay Question #3 
What do you foresee as your biggest challenge(s) in the university? (At least 150 words)
Optional Essay
Please feel free to share with us, in the space below, anything else that you have not had a chance to in the prior responses.


If you decide to print out and complete the CAMP application, feel free to mail, email, or fax your application to our office. Information for each process can be found below:

Mail Email Fax
College Assistance Migrant Program
Washington State University
PO Box 641064
Pullman, WA 99164-1064 509-335-7633