In order to qualify for WSU-CAMP, student applicants MUST be (1) U.S. Citizens or U.S. permanent residents, (2) eligible to receive Financial Aid (FAFSA) and (3) be a freshman applicant at WSU-Pullman. 

In addition those who satisfy the above conditions must also meet ONE of the following requirements:  
  • Be from a seasonal or migrant background. Either the student or his/her immediate family member (parent, brother, etc.) must have worked at least 75 days in the past 24 months in migrant or seasonal farmwork, which include:
     Agriculture
     Dairy
     Poultry
     Livestock Production
     Cultivation or Harvesting of Trees
     Fish Farming
  • You have participated in a Migrant Education Program (MEP).
  • You have enrolled in a High School Equivalency Program (HEP) within the last 12 months and completed the GED.
  • You or parent participated in Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Program Section (167)

For any questions regarding eligibility, please contact Maria Mendoza (509)335-7345 or send an e-mail