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Dare to Dream Academic Academy Purpose and Goals (entering 11th and 12th grade students)

The purpose of this program is to provide at-risk migrant students a five-day on-campus experience with access to professional staff that will help them build their skills and abilities in the areas of math or science as well as develop student awareness of the requirements to graduate and plan for post-secondary education or employment.

The students will attend a five to six day campus experience where they will:

  • Experience academic courses on a college campus and utilize campus resources, cafeterias, and residence halls.
  • Measure their application of math or science through written narrative and/or final projects.
  • Learn new skills and abilities in math or science.
  • Learn how math or science is related to everyday life experiences.
  • Attend fun, hands-on field trips to educational locations within the university and community

  • Research and Identify career paths in the area of math and science:
    • The student will identify the post-secondary school that offer the degree or certification needed for the chosen career.
    • The student will have an opportunity to meet professional individuals in their chosen careers and have the opportunity to discuss the details of their professions.
    • Receive information on the financial resources available to help both documented and undocumented students attend a post-secondary institution, such as community colleges, technical schools, and universities.
  • Learn about the fields of study in math or science.
  • Identify courses needed to graduate and areas of academic support and process to request support
  • Share their academy experience with their community and their parent advisory councils.
  • Build relationships with other dare to dream participants, as well as the mentors who are former migrant students and current WSU students

Academy Week 1

Academy Week 2



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