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College Assistance Migrant Program

CAMP Application Deadline Extended to March 31st

About Our CAMP Program

meeting the needs of our students

Who are We?

  • College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP)
  • We are a federally funded program designed to meet the needs of students with migrant or seasonal farm-working backgrounds.
  •  Students will have the opportunity to develop lifelong friends while participating in social activities in a collegiate environment.
providing information

Providing Success

  • CAMP offers eligible students valuable information on pre-college transitions and support services to aid the development of skills necessary to succeed in their first year of higher education.
  • CAMP Scholars have the opportunity to receive ongoing academic support services from the CAMP program.
included services

Included Services

Services include:

  • Academic Advising
  • Tutoring
  • Skills Workshops
  • Health Referrals
  • Financial Aid Stipens
  • Cultural Enrichment Activities 

These support services may facilitate CAMP students' retention in higher education through graduation and beyond.



CAMP Collaborates With:

  • WSU Faculty
  • Student Services
  • Outreach Programs
  • Community-Based Agencies

To improve educational and career opportunities for all CAMP students.