Due to continual mobility, an average CAMP student is faced with academic inconsistencies throughout their primary education. CAMP is specifically designed to identify, recruit, and monitor the academic achievement and retention of migrant students. The College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP) is a federally funded program designed to support students from migrant and seasonal farmworker backgrounds during their freshman year in college. The program provides students with both financial and academic support.

Juan Casas

Juan Casas, Agricultural Biotechnoly Major

Being a first generation student at Washington State University during the 2015-2016 school year signified many things to my parents. Among others, the pursuit of my personal ambitions and my initial steps in becoming a plant pathologist with a degree in agricultural biotechnology. Yet, I had no clue how to start at a collegiate level with academics or counseling. The level of intimidation soon faded with the friendly introduction of others who also started the school year seeking help with the CAMP program. These brief introductions however, changed drastically as bonds and friendships were formed after our personal stories were revealed. In a way as students we bonded and understood our struggles and the necessity to pursue higher education alongside someone with the same mindset. With the CAMP program I was able to receive vital counseling in decision making, mentor availability with several courses, and most importantly making connections with faculty in order to create job/internship opportunities, using these three opportunities within the CAMP program allowed me to successfully make connections. My advice to upcoming students is simple, don’t compare yourself to other students. It's easy to get mentally lost, especially when it comes to academics. Everyone has their own ambitions, and even if it takes you four years or six, anything is possible with the proper mindset.
Adi Acosta

Adi Acosta, Psychology

CAMP, how do I even begin to explain how CAMP has impacted me as a student here at Washington State University. It has impacted me in so many different ways it’s hard to put into words. CAMP has given me the opportunity to meet so many different people. It has been a support system that I was truly blessed with having throughout my freshmen year of college. It has given me the opportunity to make great connections with people that will be very beneficial to me as I further my education here at Washington State University. Despite all of the resources that CAMP provides you with it’s the overall family and unconditional love and support that comes from your fellow CAMP brothers and sisters and the amazing staff that make CAMP what it is. If it wasn’t for CAMP I have no idea how I would’ve made it through my freshmen year.
Jairo Manuel De La Cruz

Jairo Manuel De La Cruz, Sports Science

"CAMP has helped me realize that I am capable to do more than what I have already done. As a student, they have supported me through thick and thin, and that becomes a very appreciative thank you. There is no one else that could have made me feel more welcomed than what CAMP has. They took me in like I was family, which I loved very much. It just that family feeling that kept me motivated to keep working hard. I knew that they would not give up on me, and I would not let them down. I have come to join and apply to many important internships and clubs. I never would have seen myself do something like that, but CAMP made it possible for me to see that nothing is out of my reach. If anything, I will always be grateful for the type of man that CAMP has formed me into. #GOCOUGS #GOCAMPFAMILY #COHORT4A"
Lizette Parra

Lizette Parra, Business Administration

As a first generation migrant student, I had no clue what college was going to be like and it overwhelmed me. Luckily I found CAMP and they’ve been my family and support here at WSU. They have guided me to success with free academic resources like tutoring every week, financial support, community service, and monthly advising meetings. Through CAMP I met amazing people like the staff and the rest of the CAMP students who I will for sure always remember. Being part of CAMP is something that I am so proud and grateful for.
Aidee Cisneros

Aidee Cisneros, Human Development

CAMP has offered me a lot of beneficial things. With CAMP I also felt like I had a family that I can always count on, and friends for a lifetime. I’m absolutely thankful for all the CAMP staff being so helpful and encouraging in the times I needed it the most. And also the tutoring was helpful, and all the resources the program gives to you. My first year would of not been the same with out all the support from my peers as well as the CAMP staff.
Jailene Alvarez

Jailene Alvarez, Communications

The program CAMP has held my hand throughout my first year of college making it less scary. I really liked that CAMP made us interact with at least one professor per semester to start networking. As well as having free tutoring hours and workshops on how to manage all the free time. I don’t know what I would’ve done without the staff and my peers helping me transition into WSU. CAMP has pushed me to go past my comfort zone and has opened up my horizons.
Jazmine Pacheco

Jazmine Pacheco, Criminal Justice

CAMP was a big help to me. With the tutoring they offered, I got more in depth with my studies that I was having a difficulty with. College is different than high school, yes it is harder and it's okay to may have some struggles in classes and that is what camp tutoring is for, to help you. Also you are not and will not be the only one feeling like college is hard. CAMP helped me understand and recognize more of my culture, it made me proud of who I was and what I can be. In CAMP you will meet tons of new friends and people that share the same ethnic back round as you. Most importantly, CAMP is there to help you and you should take full advantage of their help and time. The advisors and mentors are great, and they will become your best friends! My advice for you is that no matter how hard it gets, you will keep pushing and you will keep getting better because you are here for a reason and you made is this far! Be proud! Be proud to be a COUG! Lastly, enjoy college, make new friends, go out, get out your comfort zone but never forget the real reason why you are here, to be who you want to be in life and have the future you're working so hard for! VAMOS COUGS