Connection to Resources

The College Assistance Migrant Program, known as CAMP, has a reputation for further developing the skills of incoming first year students who have migrant or seasonal farm working backgrounds. These same students become some of our highest-achieving Coug graduates.

The experiences obtained through WSU's CAMP program not only take place during freshmen year but continue on throughout a student’s undergraduate experience due to the environment that is fostered and the familia they connect with during the first year.

Student Services

CAMP helps students make the transition from high school to a college environment and successfully complete their first year.

Students will have access to a computer lab (in the Lighty Student Services Building) and free tutoring in various disciplines and fields of study.

Financial Wellness

Students can receive a stipend of up to $1,000.00 ($500.00 per semester). 

Finance and budgeting workshops put are provided by campus partners.

Students can get help with the FAFSA and scholarship processes.

Academic Advising

CAMP academic advisor will meet with each student at least once a month to monitor his or her academic progress and identify potential educational milestones.

Through CAMP, participants will be able to register prior to the beginning of the semester, in order for them to take the required courses and avoid hindering their path toward graduation.

Community Connection

CAMP hosts workshops on career development, orientation, and study skills, as well as  seeking housing, and offers personal counseling.

CAMP participants will be invited to attend student gatherings and social events allowing them to build a community network.