Scholarships & Grants

Research Scholarships

Engage in undergraduate research with support from an award by the Washington Research Foundation, Alaska Airlines, and WSU colleges and faculty partners.

Undergraduate research experience can play a pivotal role in a student's career development. Thanks to the support of sponsors and partners, TMP can provide scholarships for students to conduct research during the academic year and summer.

  • Award Amounts

    •    $1,500 award for academic year (fall and spring)
    •    $2,000-$5,000 for summer (amount varies depending on availability of matching funds by college, faculty, research lab)
    •    $150-$500 travel grants to attend conferences

  • Eligibility

    •    Be current or former TMP mentee or mentor
    •    Be in good academic standing
    •    Identify faculty mentor and research project (does not need to be TMP faculty mentor)
    •    Complete TMP research application and commit to provide a summary report on the impact of the research experience in your educational goals upon completion of project
    •    Complete a research agreement form in collaboration with your mentor
    •    Present research at WSU SURCA, regional or national conference, and/or a TMP event

  • Faculty Mentors

    Faculty Requirements

    • Must provide student with research project
    • Must supervise and mentor student
    • Must assist student to write a progress report, make research poster, and prepare for a research presentation at SURCA, WSU, or regional/national conferences

    Faculty Benefits

    • Access to highly motivated undergraduate students with a funding source
    • Help bridge the access and achievement gap of underserved students pursuing STEM disciplines and careers

Study Abroad & Travel Scholarships

TMP students interested in studying abroad or attending a regional or national conference can also apply for an award funded by the Washington Research Foundation, Alaska Airlines, AT&T, and other TMP partners.

Networking with peers, faculty and professionals at regional, national, and international conferences add greatly to students' academic and career development. 

Study Abroad Travel Grant 

Study abroad travel grants will support TMP students' participation in credit and non-credit bearing study abroad experiences. Awards will be based on program costs and will generally be about $500-$1,000. 

TMP Travel Grant

The TMP travel grant supports students attending and/or presenting at conferences. Awards will be based on conference costs and will generally be about $150-$500.